martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

Introducing geol


Don't you hate it when developers are working in disparate platforms and people commit changes that rewrite the whole file (even though they only changed a couple of lines) because they changed the EOL format of the file? (And don't you curse on Microsoft, as usual, for it?) Well, I do hate it.... a lot.... specially when I have to merge stuff and I find this awful conflicts in files that don't show up as groups of lines but as whole files replaced (which makes it cumbersome to find out what the changes were from each branch that you are merging).

I have fallen in love with git. It's so flexible that it seems like it's made of rubber. Taking advantage git's features I noticed I could create a tool that rebuilt branches correcting the EOL problems in the history to make it consistent to a single EOL format... and so geol was born (just a few days ago).

It's fairly simple to set up. You just init a repo, add a remote (the repository you want to "correct") and start it. You will have to use a file where geol holds the equivalents of each changeset between the original and the corrected repo.

I'm giving it a round of tests with one of our projects (which is a little large) and it seems to do the job fairly well.... if you want to give it a round of tests, let me know how it goes.

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