viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

RMS, why did you skip the i?

Hello, everybody.

Today I had an epiphany. Why did RMS skip the i from "is" in GNU? I mean, he named it GNU after he fiddled with all the letters to make it a recursive acronym. Like GNU stands for GNU's Not UNIX (G N U, GNU, see? And I use the capitals in UNIX, aren't I a nice guy?). Great... but why did he choose to skip the I? I think it would have given him a lot of more possibilities and not end up with GNU. I have no problems with it, I can pronounce it like g-nu or ñu (I'm a native spanish speaker, keep that in mind), but it's been a pain for people since the beginnings of time.

What would have happened had he kept the I? Some possibilities like GINU or MINU, I find them interesting.... but then it hit me like a brick. How about had he chosen the L? Wouldn't that have been lovely? Just adding an x and we would have saved ourselves a lot of infighting.


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