martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

I need something close to debian with up-to-date KDE


I just read the news that Canonical will pull the plug (kind of) from Kubuntu. Kubuntu will go on as a community project and the only person who was getting paid to work on it will have to do other tasks. So.... I've been a very happy (ok, ok... mostly happy) kubuntu user for the last... what? 6 years? But why? Cause I like KDE and Kubuntu provides the latest version of the environment (with PPAs we're talking about almost inmediate availability of the last stable versions).

So I'd like to move into a real rolling release like debian testing but then the KDE version is a little behind, isn't it? Then what can I use instead?

Thanks for your feedback?

PS A little behind? Is that 4.6? Sigh. So.... I know some people will complain because I'm complaining instead of giving debian a hand with KDE to bring it up to date, right? So were can I give a little help for starters?

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