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Will kubuntu natty stabilize? Ever?


First off, let me tell you something before I start my rant on kubuntu: I've been a kubuntu user for 6 years now... and I don't intend to switch to gnome (ubuntu) or xfce (xubuntu) or any other of the other variants anytime soon. I like KDE and I'm willing to put up with the nag that I have to go through in order to continue using it

Back when I installed natty 'bout a couple of weeks ago I had a few complaints but we were in beta, right?... but it's been a few days since release time and things feel worse and worse. At first I didn't use gl-based screensavers because they made the graphics go completely crazy (it's a samsung netbook with intel chipset) so I used a simple screensaver instead (though I had desktops effects turned on and they tend to work pretty well)... then updates started to come in. gl screensavers started to be stable some days ago and I could start/stop it at will... only sometimes it crashed KWin.... but yesterday there was another update and things have gone to hell. Every single time I start the screensaver it crashes KWin... now gkrellm doesn't remember it's on desktop 6 when KDE starts.... When KDE starts it always turns off my desktop effects (which I think didn't happen when I updated to natty), hell... this is just too much for my taste. Are we experimenting here? I haven't tested if kded4 goes crazy when I come back from sleeping/hibernating yet... but something tells me it's not going to be pretty.

Guys, could you please stabilize this whole thing and not make us kde users feel like third class citizens in the ubuntu world and keep us in second class at least?

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  1. As a suggestion, try the following other distros that have historically had much better support for KDE than Ubuntu:

    -- PCLinuxOS
    -- OpenSuse
    -- Arch Linux (more difficult to set up)
    -- Linux Mint KDE

  2. Although I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, Arch has the best, snappiest, and most stable KDE 4 I've ever used. I highly recommend it if you're willing to go through the motions.

    Aside from that, it might make more sense to try Debian with KDE 4 or openSUSE. Kubuntu's implementation of KDE 4 has always been lackluster and troublesome. Main issue is that it's more community driven, just like Xubuntu. The real issue is that KDE 4 has so many changes and facets to it that it's more difficult to stabilize than something like Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

    Canonical doesn't really fund Kubuntu's development or community, so far as I've found- I could be wrong. They do the packaging, but there's no serious corporate attention like with Unity. Don't expect this to change.

  3. I was having some issues with my Intel chipset as well. I actually just added the driver from this site. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates

  4. Add one more KDE-friendly distro:

  5. I'd be willing to give debian a try if the latest KDE releases are put out on debian's repositories (testing, preferibly) soon.... I reember that it took a while for debian to push out KDE4. What do you know about that? Maybe kde has repositories set aside from debian's that could be used to keep up with the latest. I think I'll give debian a try just to make sure.

  6. I have been using Kubuntu for several years now and it has been my favorite. I have tested and tried several others, but overall, Kubuntu has been the best all around.

    I have been running Natty since the day it was released and has been really solid, not on one system, but on 5 family and friends systems. They range from IBM thinkPad T42, Compaq Evo 500, Compaq 6910p, Home built Zontac Ion 330, and couple old Compaq DeskPtos one with only 512MB memory which still runs decently.

    Natty has been the best and smoothest. I really don't know what you guys are talking about.

    Is it copy cat complains?

  7. I wish I were just talking. I'm seeing kwin crash every now and then.... and I don't mean once per a couple of days... it's once every two or three runs of the screensaver. For example, I left my computer alone about one hoir ago. When I started using it, I had not one but _two_ notifications of kwin having crashed.

  8. First of all I feel your pain. I made the move to kde close to 3 years ago (from Ubuntu to Kubuntu) and I can tell you from Jaunty (9.04) to Natty (11.04) lots of things have improved. I started my Natty Journey from the first Beta. and it has been a quite a rough experience. from compositing issues (lack of direct rendering for Intel cards) to issues with akonadi google resource (not being able to sync with google contacts and calendar) and frequent crashes and kernel panics (caused by the buggy open source broadcom driver shipped with kernel 2.6.38) and then there is the issues that causes the Intel GPU to suddenly lockup and crash X (most times when the PC is under load) add that to the CUPS issues which made the printer configuration tool completely broken..

    Bro I have been there and done that with natty. But rather than rant about a project which is essentially a labour of love, I see myself as part of the community with a role to play just as well. I got involved the best way I could and filed bug reports upon reports. Here where my findings

    95% of the issues I just wrote about where upstream non Kubuntu specific issues. for example the akonadi issue was reported in kde's bugzilla to affect arch linux too and a workaround was posted in the upstream report. In any case the issue has been fixed.

    The issue with the Intel Driver was a regression caused by some string change in the latest Intel graphic stack for linux it was something which affected every kde distribution and even caused the kwin maintainer to release a rant about the state of the open source graphic stack for linux http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/04/why-blur-does-not-work-in-kubuntu-natty-with-intel/

    The broadcom issue affects is a bug in the code for their open source driver, there are releasing a new version which fixes the issue.

    The Intel GPU lockup issue also is also an upstream issue and affects every *buntu 11.04 thankfully a fix has been released.

    Hence its either the issue is an *buntu specific issue, a kernel issue, or a general kde bug.

    The good thing is that every single issue I had since beta have been fixed (or have a working workaround) I glad that I reported the bugs and helped out in documenting most of the workaround. Kubuntu is a community project, with as we stand there is no body paid to work on Kubuntu full time, everyone is doing it as a labour of love. I have tried most of the distributions out there which people often touted as best with kde. I always find myself coming back to Kubuntu. Not because Kubuntu is the greatest but because the grass on the other side is always greener. and in any community of distro you find your self there will be problems and its just important to see yourself as a participant with a duty to help make that community better, I can assure you its more productive than rants :)

    I wish u luck in whatever distribution u decide to move it. But also note that you are always welcomed to the #kubuntu channel on freenode. and it might also be a good thing to bug report the issue u are having.
    anyway sorry for the long reply

  9. Kubuntu has been superior for me since 8.04 on many different systems. The other variants mentioned by eg poster number one I have found somewhat stifling with all sorts of extra cruft. Kubuntu has been a clean and fast no nonsense KDE. The Natty version I was not able to get a graphics output on my Toshiba laptop - but neither was I able to with Ubuntu Natty - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650 - open source driver issue.
    I am still yet to find appeal in other KDE versions beyond Kubuntu.

  10. @tonyhb same here (although I started with 9.04) I have tried fedora, opensuse, archlinux and mandriva. I found all of them just don't give me what I get from Kubuntu. Nor where there more stable. In the end its down to personal preference.

  11. You could also try Mepis Linux. They released a new stable version just yesterday, but I think it ships with KDE 4.5.x

  12. openSUSE has the most polished KDE by far.

    Read the review: http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/reviews/opensuse-11-4-review-kde-4-6-and-tumbleweed-shine/

  13. I'm experiencing the same problem with my Samsung N150: after upgrading to Natty from Maverik (and I'm using Kubuntu) KDE effects are disabled at startup. They used to work in Maverik :(

    have you managed to solve this?

  14. Not really. I just cope with the nag. I start the effects when I want to see them with alt-shift-F12.

  15. One thing that has been corrected with the last KDE updates I have gotten is that when I close my GSM Modem connection, kded4 doesn't go crazy taking 100% CPU time. Good for kubuntu!