sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Is Microsoft trying to equate selling computers without Windows to software piracy as a new world policy?


Very recently (as recently as 23rd of March) there was a small event in Mexico. An independent computer builder and a Microsoff legal representative had a meeting at the Legal Direction of Mexico's National Institute of Author's Rights. Apparently Microsoft wanted to make a statement specifying that they could take any legal action Microsoft considered pertinent given the builder's lack of a Microsoft certificate of authenticity or original license included along with a computer built/sold by the independent builder. The builder states that given that they sell their computers with Free Software instead of Windows, the software has licenses and that Microsoft doesn't have anything to complain about given that they don't own copyrights for said software.

If it had been an isolated event, I'd have been tepted to consider this as just a case of a legal/marketing staff messing up but given Microsoft's attempts to equate selling computers without operating system to piracy in other parts of the world, I'm starting to wonder if this is a deliverate attempt to try to equate both in the public mind to spread a little FUD around Free Software?

I'll try to get in touch with the independent builder to see what they have to say. Mary-Jo Foley, is it possible that you take care of Microsoft to see what they have to say about it?

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  1. I would not put it past them. They are losing in the MP3 player market (excuse me, have lost since Zune is dead). They're struggling in smartphones. They're late to the tablet market. Their stock has been stuck in a trading range for several years now and has actually lost value per share. My guess is that they are getting desperate to hang on to what they have. And I'm sure Ballmer is inciting this behavior since he doesn't want to be asked to step down.

  2. My calculations give Microsoft just under 3.5 years until they file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (my original prediction was that they had Five years until Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and it was made in September of 2009). For details on my reasoning visit my website - http://madhatter.ca - and do a search on the term 'Microsoft Death Watch', you will find a large number of articles on the issue.

    Now I could quite well be wrong, but I have good reason to believe that I'm right, and the Washington State legislation is an additional proof that I didn't expect to see. What will be really interesting will be seeing the sales numbers in the year end financials. I'm expecting Microsoft to show a drop in sales. Not a big drop, but a significant drop, especially since Apple will show a significant increase.