martes, 4 de enero de 2011

Stop complaining about Unity and suck it up!

It's been a couple of months since Mark Shuttleworth dropped the bomb that Canonical intends to use Unity instead of the GNOME shell as the default shell in Ubuntu.... and I'm still reading about how the GNOME community could be torn apart by this decision.

Have these same people sat down to think how the people involved with KDE feel about Canonical's push for GNOME instead of KDE in Ubuntu? It's no secret that Kubuntu is not the best KDE-based distribution out there (I'll give you up that I'm a Kubuntu user myself, I use the PPA for KDE for Kubuntu and I don't use GNOME that much). Then why so much hair pulling because of Canonical's push for Unity instead of the GNOME shell? These people might just as well suck it up, get off the ground, remove the dust from their shoulders and continue working on their beloved environment.... you know, the way the developers of KDE do.

2 comentarios:

  1. You've said it.
    Facts are louder than bombs...

  2. You're wrong. Unity blows goats. I'm fairly forgiving on changes to Ubuntu, but the Unity in version 11.04 should have never been released in it's current state. The bugs, lack of customisation, issues with compositing, issues with slow load times, etc... etc...
    This list goes on. I was reluctant to adopt Ubuntu over other distributions like SuSE or Fedora, but over the years I started to enjoy the easy install and simple usage. Now it takes longer to install, boot, launch applications, etc. The point of releasing a new version is to offer something better over what was. This is not the case in 11.04. Unity have a few years to go before it meets that criteria.