sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

I finally know when ARM netbooks will come out


Before I tell you when they will come out, let me tell you how I figured it out.

I'm used to having to face disappointments.... disappointment after disappointment. I want to have something? I just can't go out there seeking for it. No, no, no... that'd be the wrong approach. It'd never happen. I have to move slowly towards my goal. As one of my teachers told me in computer engineering classes when talking about the career: It's resistance race, not a speed one. Well, that's the approach I have to take with most things in life. And even then, when things happen the way I want, I worry that Murphy will somehow learn about how well things are going for me and mess up.

So, after waiting for over 1 year since I heard for the first time that ARM-based netbooks would come out, I'm still waiting... and I'm fed up of waiting already so I'm ready to give up on them and I'll end up buying an Atom-based one. Disappointment, see?

And so, when will they come out? A couple of days after I buy my netbook.... as it was supposed to be since day one. I better hurry and buy it so that they come out cause otherwise they will never come out.

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