martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Who dares using Windows in a critical environment? (updated)

I just can't believe what my eyes just saw. You are telling me that a commercial plane (a real plane, the ones that take off from land at hundred of kilometers per hour carrying hundreds of people in them) had Windows running on one of its central processing nodes? You gotta be kidding me! Who dares doing something like that? Come on, people! We're talking about a life-or-death situation here, not the normal pop up that at its worst will nag me to hell asking me to date someone on the other side of the planet.

This begs the questions: Will there be consequences for the people involved in taking the decision to put Windows on board? Maybe consequences for Microsoft? Will there be prosecution for the guys who developed the malware for (unintended?) murder? Nice things to talk about in the following months, I guess.

Absolutely terrible.

From what I've read about it, Windows is not used on the plane but on computers used to get information from the plane. Unfortunately it's still part of the causes that generated the accident which had an outcome of several lives lost. Why was Windows used in the first place?

sábado, 21 de agosto de 2010

So the patent mess started from Java and not .NET.. what an irony!

You know how many times I complained about .NET for being backed up by Microsoft and so I distrusted it even if they had made pledges (under certain conditions) not to sue and having made it into an ECMA standard (portions of it)?

Not that I had put all my developing faith into Java, anyway, I've worked with PHP and Python during the last couple of years but it's certainly an irony seeing the patent mess to come from Java instead.

Will this mean there will be less development to Java? Will this push development to other languages like Python? Perhaps Go? I'm just wondering?

I guess ORACLE will lose a lot of FLOSS support after this. Will we start seeing people from ORACLE jump ship the way some did (like Samba's Jeremy Allison) when Novell signed off their agreement with Microsoft back in 2006?

sábado, 14 de agosto de 2010

I finally know when ARM netbooks will come out


Before I tell you when they will come out, let me tell you how I figured it out.

I'm used to having to face disappointments.... disappointment after disappointment. I want to have something? I just can't go out there seeking for it. No, no, no... that'd be the wrong approach. It'd never happen. I have to move slowly towards my goal. As one of my teachers told me in computer engineering classes when talking about the career: It's resistance race, not a speed one. Well, that's the approach I have to take with most things in life. And even then, when things happen the way I want, I worry that Murphy will somehow learn about how well things are going for me and mess up.

So, after waiting for over 1 year since I heard for the first time that ARM-based netbooks would come out, I'm still waiting... and I'm fed up of waiting already so I'm ready to give up on them and I'll end up buying an Atom-based one. Disappointment, see?

And so, when will they come out? A couple of days after I buy my netbook.... as it was supposed to be since day one. I better hurry and buy it so that they come out cause otherwise they will never come out.