jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Well over half of the most reliable hosting companies run on Linux


I like to follow statistics on market share of browsers, os, web server and so on. They have to be taken with a big grain of salt for sure but they do give us a look at trends more or less accurate (or so I think).

One of the most interesting statistics I've been following are the ones presented by Netcraft regarding web server market share and OS used by hosting companies. The Web Server market share (Apache Vs IIS and so on) is the one you'll see more often talked about on the web. But the one about reliability is rarely (if ever) talked about... so I'll take a couple of lines to talk about latest statistics that correspond to June'10 puts it like this:

- Over two thirds (29 out of 42) of the most reliable hosting companies use Linux (would they use GNU along with it?)
- 14.2% use BSD (FreeBSD to be more precise)
- A little less than 10% use Windows
- 3 out of 42 are a big question mark

How about that? You think the numbers are accurate... or are they skewed?

PS Did you see the uptime chart for microsoft.com? It's kind of shameful, you know? No wonder it's used by less than 10% of the most reliable hosting providers. :-)

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  1. A Canadian firm, Security Space, has a believable market share survey report (http://www.securityspace.com/s_survey/data/201006/index.html) that doesn't mangle the data the way Netcraft does, for example, by counting all of the PARKED Windows servers by GoDaddy individually, but counting all 5,000 of Google's Linux servers as ONE.

    Netcraft started their creative accounting in the spring of 2006 and thus keeps Microsoft's server share UP around 25%, values seen only in China and the US government domains.

  2. Microsoft's uptime is probably so bad because they have to reboot after installing updates ;-)

  3. Yeah, I know... at least, every patch tuesday :-)

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