jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

My wishes for 2010


As just about everybody else does, I will be making my wish list for next year, which is just a few hours ahead here in Colombia. Most of the topics are IT related, but not all of them are.

- Get to grab one of those cheap, never-ending battery life ARM based netbooks (the sooner, the better).

- See Firefox (and now Chrome) get to grab more market share than IE.

- See FLISoL explode in assistance and installations (in Bogotá, Colombia and everywhere).

- This is a big one: See a 60 minutes article about FLOSS. That'd be so cool! Here in Colombia, one "Especiales Pirry" or "Séptimo Día" article would make the day.

- Convince the bosses at the company where I work to allow me to use GNU/Linux on my laptop computer (haven't tried yet... have to think of a way to do it). We use a lot of GNU/Linux but not on our desktops which is a shame, if you ask me.

- Get to see my wife come out of her health problems and make it back to her normal life (love you, Honey!).

- Get to spend next Xmas and new year (that'd be 2011) with my family (I mean, the blood related one), be it in Maracaibo (where I'm from) or here in Bogotá... better here in Bogotá (I just spent a weekend at a hot place and I couldn't bear it. Don't want to think what it'll be when I put my feet back in Maracaibo. :-S)

I guess that'd make it for next year. Hope at least half of them come true... specially the last two.

Happy MMX! (no relation to Intel)

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