domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

A tip for the next interview with Steve Ballmer

Hi, guys!

In case you are an IT journalist and were to interview Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, please, I beg you, ask him this question:

- Mr. Ballmer, given your hard stance on GNU/Linux violating Microsoft's IP (whatever that means), what's your take on Microsoft being caught twice in a matter of a few months in violations of the General Public License? Is it official policy at Microsoft that personnel can throwing all kinds of (unproven) accusations at the Free Software community yet, at the same time, treat GPL software with total disregard for the terms they demand?

I just can't believe a company that prides itself of "respecting IP" can be caught twice in a GPL violation. Even worse if all they do is point fingers at other people saying other's are violation Microsoft's IP (without showing proof).


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