miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

dhcp-lb 0.02


You might have read about dhcp-lb when I announced it a couple of weeks ago. It's a suite (sui generis :-) that is used to keep multi-path routing configured when you use dhcp up-links.

After it was tested at the Hospital where I used to work before, we noticed a problem and I decided to enhance the script over that discovery so I'm announcing dhcp-lb 0.02. Go get it from here.

Not much has changed, as a matter of fact. The thing is that you can tell dhcp-lb what static interfaces you are using besides the up-link. Those static interfaces are not involved in the multi-path routing (just yet), by the way... so if you have a provider that has a static configuration and another that uses dhcp, the script is not ready to handle that... but it will come... someday (hopefully in the rather not too distant future).

So, say you have interfaces eth1 and eth2 used for internet (dhcp) where eth2 has double the bandwidth of eth1 and a static connection to your intranet on eth0, the configuration file will look like this now:

dhcp-lb eth1 table-eth1 200 1
dhcp-lb eth2 table-eth2 201 2
static eth0

I also included some checkups for the configuration file (more than one space or tab can be used between the components of a configuration line, empty lines are welcome, etc.. but more checkups are still missing, I'm sure). Feel free to use it (and I thank you for using it if you do) and tell me how it goes.


PS Thanks go to Overt Barreto at the Hospital of Pediatric Specialties in Maracaibo, Venezuela for taking the time to test the script... he had to anyway but it's always nice to have a person tell you when something goes wrong.

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