domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

A little help for FLISoL - Open Letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft

Before I make my request, let me first state who I am. I'm Edmundo Carmona, a venezuelan computer engineer living in Colombia. I've been a GNU/Linux user/administrator for years and, unlike others in the FLOSS community (many with far greater accomplishments than mine), don't trust you a tiny little bit and I bash you every time I can (940).

During the last couple of weeks I've been helping out in the organization of FLISoL. It's the Latinamerican Free Software Installation Festival, which will take place next saturday. We will be installing Free Software on computers that people take to the locations we set up for free (as in no monetary charge). In a sense, we are just responsible citizens trying to keep technological drugs off the streets.

During our last meeting there was a question about what we will be doing with people that carry their kids along with them to the location. That's where you come into the scene.

See, given the fact that Windows Vista has been such a mess (probably comparable to Windows Me), I thought that you probably have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Vista installation CDs/DVDs stacked one on top of the other waiting for the first poor soul to buy one of them.

Would you be kind enough to provide us at FLISoL Bogotá with say, 15 or 20 of those installation CDs/DVDs? We won't be using them to install Windows on the computers, don't have to worry about it. I will personally hand them out to the kids so that they use them to play around (as frisbies or just to scratch on their surface) while we are on our stuff. I know that yours is a toy OS and so we should install them on the kids computers, but I refuse to.

Yours truly...
Edmundo Carmona
Computer Engineer

As I don't know what Microsoft could be up to after this letter, I will state that it is a joke and that by no means it should be interpreted as being somehow related to FLISoL. It's my sole creation and no one else from FLISoL (besides me, of course) helped in its creation.

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3 comentarios:

  1. Good one. I atleast had a smile when I finished reading.

  2. interesting thought, maybe you could melt a few together to create some sort of art... maybe a giant reflective tux made of the toy DVD's, that would be interesting!

  3. This was a funny one. Thanks :-) "...don't trust you a tiny little bit and I bash you every time I can". LOL