martes, 7 de abril de 2009

Latinamerican Free Software Installation Festival'2K9


I have registered myself as an installer at the Latinamerican Free Software Installation Festival, a.k.a FLISoL (first time to work on a FLISoL ever, by the way). This year this event is going to take place on April 25th on many locations all around latinamerica.

I will be working in Bogotá, Colombia. In my location the number of registered installers is around 30 people and we expect to make 150 installations. We will be working at the Biblioteca Virgilio Barco, in case you want to show up. The registration process if you want to get GNU/Linux installed in your computer is already open and, in case you are not insterested in installing GNU/Linux, we will be doing installation of Free Software on other platforms as well (Firefox and OpenOffice come to mind).

I'm more than sure that organizers will welcome any kind of help you think you could provide. Interviews? Donations? Working hours? Anything goes! I'll gladly work as a translator, in case it's needed.

FLISoL Colombia
FLISoL Bogotá

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  1. See you there :)
    I'm am the person encharge of installations in Ubuntu-Co in the Flisol... So, if you see a guy with a brown t-shear.... :)

    See you!!!