jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

IBM(+Sun) Vs Microsoft

Well well.... "History repeats itself" is something we hear sometimes.

So IBM appears to be headed to buy Sun Microsystems. That's quite a move.... I have seen comments from people noticing how Solaris/OpenSolaris will affect/be affected by the merge... but I haven't seen people taking these other three things in consideration:

- Java
- OpenOffice

Lotus Symphony is based on OpenOffice so I guess it will be easily assimilated inside IBM. How will that affect OpenOffice development? It's being criticized before for being too Sun-centric. How will this affect the MS Office / OpenOffice saga?

I don't know how MySQL will play out inside IBM. Now IBM would be in charge of DB2, Informix (bought in 2001) and MySQL. Will that be enough to wipe SQL Server out of this world?

But Java! Java vs .Net is old news. And Java's development (as OpenOffice) had being criticized for being too Sun-centric. But now Java being pushed forward by IBM (in house).... that will be interesting to see.

Are these things gonna take the IBM/Microsoft battle into another chapter?

I wonder what Darl McBride would have to say about this. :-)

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