miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2009

"Get the facts" on browsers

When I was heading to download IE8 to test its JS performance, I saw this link about "Getting the facts" on web browsers. Having the knowledge of what "Get the facts" meant back in time when that was devoted to trying to put GNU/Linux in bad light against Windows-et-all, I just couldn't help myself and went in there to see what was showing up.

They have this video where they show how IE8 renders "index" pages of popular sites. Apparently IE8 kicks ass on that (as a matter of fact the differences between rendering times of the browsers they compare is very little, sometimes the blink of an eye). And so they have the guts to affirm that IE8 is one of the fastest browsers on earth. Is that really? Is rendering times for pages the real measure for browser speed? Come on! As applications are more and more "functional" and so becoming more Javascript intensive (yes, not VBScript intensive, but Javascript... thanks heaven) then I think Javascript performance is just as important.. or even more so that rendering times (specially if the difference in terms of rendering is so close between the browsers they showcase).

And how does IE8 do on that front (on my box)?
V8: 34.4
SunSpider: 9164.4

And, as you can see here, that's a looooooooong shot from being fast. So Microsoft, why don't you try to get the facts right at least once?

PS Were they saving that video for April Fool's day? I guess I just blew it.

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