lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Bill Gates suffers from digital phobia

Yep... the same guy who is credited with creating the "desktop computer" (or so they say) must be suffering from phobia to anything electronic.

How can we tell? Well... I inferred that after knowing that Bill Gates has banned iPods and iPhones at home... in the same page where we find that Steve Ballmer banned using google at home. We already know that Bill Gates hates GPL. But then, if everything that is against Microsoft || Windows won't be used by these two (and their families), I can't help but wonder... will they really try to escape using GNU/Linux? Come on... it's like escaping big brother. It's everywhere... even if you can't see it. Does Steve Ballmer use (did Bill Gates use) Microsoft's Wireless? If he does, shame on him. Do they ban sites powered by anything but IIS? If that's the case, then poor guys.... they can only use about 30% of the web.

So.... are Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's lives going to be increasingly restricted in terms of access to digital resources as time goes by and GNU/Linux makes more and more inroads into our daily lives in unnoticeable ways? I wish they were. It'll be cool to have them both (specially Steve) recluded in one of those monasteries that time has basically forgotten about.

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