jueves, 19 de febrero de 2009

Has IE lost the hearts of IT people?

I like to see statistics, specially where FLOSS is gaining ground. I try to take them with the usual dose of a grain of salt (or a handful of salt... depending on the source).

- Web browser market share
- OS market share
- Web server survey
- Most reliable hosters

They all have their problems to be measured, but still they do give an idea of trends, at least.

It's not breaking news that FF has gained a lot of momentum on the browsers front. Some people even say that we are in the "Browsers Wars" all over again. Hitslink provides us with some very attractive statistics on that. During January, IE reached 67.55% of browsing (down from 68.15%), FF reached 21.53% (up from 21.34), Safari reached 8.29% (up from 7.63%), Chrome reached 1.12% (up from 1.04%) and the remaining browsers had less than 1% each. That's fine and dandy, but that comes from a huge market of thousands of sites that are not particularly inclined to IT subjects (my guess). I have a hunch that in sites that are inclined to IT, usage statistics of FF are much higher than those provided by

I have been tracking one site that's devoted to web subjects and that's not inclined towards one browser or another. It's www.w3schools.com and the statistics from it are... well, very different from hitslink's.

Here we find that FF has reached over 45% and, as a matter of fact, for the first time, FF reached more market share than all versions of IE they display in the statistics.... combined. We see an ever growing usage of FF and a steady decline of IE.

There are some things that I have noticed that would explain such a decline:
- It's easier to find people that have heard of/used FF in IT circles.
- People in IT would be more inclined to install other applications besides the ones that come bundled with whatever OS they get (I don't install other applications besides the ones bundled with the OS I get.... I install another OS).
- It's no secret that IE is a resource hog when compared with other browsers. Hell, even IE8 (which is in RC status) comes way behind in terms of performance when compared with any other mainstream browser. Side note: Would FF on GNU/Linux be close to IE8? I guess there's material for an article there. :-)

And that leads me to the question: Has IE lost the hearts of IT people?

I'm more than willing to see other statistics from sites that are technology inclined and that have platform agnostic (or multiplatform) content. Do you have a site like that and would like to share those statistics to the world? Then the comment area is waiting for you to guide us.... or guide me, at the very least.

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